liquidates, liquidating, liquidated
1) VERB To liquidate a company is to close it down and sell all its assets, usually because it is in debt. [TECHNICAL]

[V n] A unanimous vote was taken to liquidate the company.

Derived words:
liquidation [[t]lɪ̱kwɪde͟ɪʃ(ə)n[/t]] plural N-VAR

The company went into liquidation...

The number of company liquidations rose 11 per cent.

2) VERB If a company liquidates its assets, its property such as buildings or machinery is sold in order to get money. [TECHNICAL]

[V n] The company closed down operations and began liquidating its assets in January.

3) VERB If someone in a position of power liquidates people who are causing problems, they get rid of them, usually by killing them.

[V n] They have not hesitated in the past to liquidate their rivals.


English dictionary. 2008.